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Trained in the psychodynamic approach, I work with individuals on a once-weekly basis.  Psychodynamic therapy has developed from psychoanalytic theory and practice and is concerned with exploring how current patterns of relating to ourselves, others and the world in general are shaped by our personal history and by conflicts that have been playing out at an unconscious level. 

In an attempt to deal with the anxiety or emotional pain caused by conflicts and difficult past experiences, we often develop defences or coping mechanisms which may serve us well at first, but all too often become problematic over the course of our lives as our circumstances and needs change.  Because such defences or patterns of thinking or behaviour often develop outside conscious awareness, they have a tendency to become entrenched and repetitive.  

Working in a confidential and containing space the role of the psychodynamic therapist is to listen, to make links between past and present and to identify patterns of relating, thereby providing the client an opportunity to uncover defences and explore areas of experience and conflicts which continue to exert a powerful influence.  Psychodynamic therapy is based on the premise that through greater awareness and understanding of how we have come to be as we are, and a growing ability to think and reflect on our experience, we develop the potential for greater choice in our lives.


£80 for an initial assessment
Thereafter from £80 by arrangement at the initial session




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